REPOST: -multiwindow so very close to what's really needed... .

Early Ehlinger
Tue Apr 29 21:06:00 GMT 2003

"Morrison, John" <> wrote:
> distcc (apparently) works OOTB.  It'd be nice to have that as
> a package if you're offering ;)
> <>
>  "distcc is developed on GNU/Linux, but has been reported to work on
>   other systems including FreeBSD, Solaris, and Cygwin."

I wasn't aware of this...

I've considered offering a distributed compilation service on the farm, but
there are a number of problems, like the fact that make is arguably
considerably less than secure, since you could conceivably upload the code
for a malicious program, make it, and then in the same makefile launch it!!

I have some ideas on how to get around this, but I don't think they'll get
any use for a *very long* time, if ever.

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