REPOST: -multiwindow so very close to what's really needed....

Harold L Hunt II
Mon Apr 28 21:49:00 GMT 2003


That sounds great!  I always try to encourage people to write patches on 
their own.  It really is surprisingly easy if you just dive in and start 
reading the code and the comments (plus the Contributor's Guide holds 
your hand through building the source).

Let us know if you have any trouble getting your patch to work.  We can 
definitely help out on the details.

Eager to see your results,


Early Ehlinger wrote:
> "Harold L Hunt II" <> wrote:
>>Ideally, you will be spending a few hours looking at hiding the root
>>window.  :)  Search the mailing list archives for information on why it
>>is not hidden yet.  Also note that MultiWindow mode is still
>>experimental.  That is, it is not complete.
> It's close enough to complete to be of general utility to me :)
> I've got a patch written but am waiting for what seems like an eternity to
> get the thing compiled. If only cygwin's make supported distributed
> compiling; I've only got 250+ computers at my disposal :)
> The patch took all of 10 minutes once I figured out where it was supposed to
> go.  Of course, if I'm wrong about where it goes it will take me a bit
> longer to figure out where to hack it in, but I'm reasonably confident that
> the basic code is correct...  Basically, it creates a tray icon and then
> hides the root window.  When you right-click on the icon, it should pop up a
> menu with one item on it, "Exit."
> Anyways, once it finishes compiling I'll test it out and report my results;
> if I've got it right, I'll post some code.
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