REPOST: -multiwindow so very close to what's really needed....

Early Ehlinger
Mon Apr 28 21:33:00 GMT 2003

"Harold L Hunt II" <> wrote:
> Ideally, you will be spending a few hours looking at hiding the root
> window.  :)  Search the mailing list archives for information on why it
> is not hidden yet.  Also note that MultiWindow mode is still
> experimental.  That is, it is not complete.

It's close enough to complete to be of general utility to me :)

I've got a patch written but am waiting for what seems like an eternity to
get the thing compiled. If only cygwin's make supported distributed
compiling; I've only got 250+ computers at my disposal :)

The patch took all of 10 minutes once I figured out where it was supposed to
go.  Of course, if I'm wrong about where it goes it will take me a bit
longer to figure out where to hack it in, but I'm reasonably confident that
the basic code is correct...  Basically, it creates a tray icon and then
hides the root window.  When you right-click on the icon, it should pop up a
menu with one item on it, "Exit."

Anyways, once it finishes compiling I'll test it out and report my results;
if I've got it right, I'll post some code.

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