xfree crash

Jean-Claude Gervais jc.gervais@videotron.ca
Mon Apr 28 19:08:00 GMT 2003

Hijack! Ooops, sorry; Hi Jack.

	I *think* I reported the same bug a while ago.

	I believe it is due to XWin crashing when it tries to copy a big block of
text into the clipboard. Try a small document, and it'll probably work
instead. Alternatively, if you MUST copy a huge block of text, do it one
small block at a time.

	I'm not a cygwin developer, but I am in the process of putting together a
development environment to investigate this and other strange things I've
noticed. Sadly though, as I have very little time these days, it might be a
while before I arrive at any result.

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1. ssh -X into Redhat 9 box.
2. run OpenOffice.org (oowriter [document])
3. Edit-Select All (or Ctrl-A).
4. boom.

Xfree86-serv 4.2.0-30.

xwinrl.log attached.


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