REPOST: -multiwindow so very close to what's really needed....

Harold L Hunt II
Sat Apr 26 19:58:00 GMT 2003


Early Ehlinger wrote:
> Sorry for the repost - It's been a few days and I haven't seen my original
> post show up on the newsserver, so....
> OK,
> Just installed latest cygwin+Xfree86.  With the -multiwindow option in place
> it's *extremely* close to what I really want, which is an X server that
> really feels like it's a part of Windows.  Right now it still betrays the
> fact that it sits on top of cygwin, which is a shame, IMHO.
> Here are the two things that I think keep it from being exactly dead-on:
> 1. Root Window is still there.
> Ideally, when -multiwindow is used, no root window would be visible at all.
> No icon in the taskbar, nothing.  I suppose a tray icon would be acceptible,
> but would certainly not be preferable.  My reasoning for this is that
> Windows already has a root window (the desktop) and to be fully integrated,
> X programs should behave like Windows programs and use it.  Or at least,
> they should *appear* to use it.  Bottom line, get rid of/hide the root
> window in -multiwindow mode and you've made a *huge* step forward.

Ideally, you will be spending a few hours looking at hiding the root 
window.  :)  Search the mailing list archives for information on why it 
is not hidden yet.  Also note that MultiWindow mode is still 
experimental.  That is, it is not complete.

> Another consequence of this issue is that Cygwin/XFree86 shows up in the
> alt+tab list even though you don't do anything with it directly.
> 2. Applications have the wrong icons
> Sure, now I've got my apps all running on the honest-to-goodness Windows
> desktop, but they all have the X icon rather than the icons that they would
> have on an actual X desktop (e.g., the one in Linux).  This is more of a
> cosmetic issue than a functional one, so I'd say that it should get less
> priority than the first issue above.

This wouldn't be too tough to implement, but I haven't got time for it.

> If somebody wants to point me to the general location in XWin's source, I
> wouldn't mind taking a crack at implementing a fix for both of these issues.

First, check the Contributor's Guide, which tells you how to get the 
source, the architecture of the server (doesn't talk about MultiWindow 
mode), and how to build the source:

Perhaps you are using Cygwin/XFree86 for commercial purposes... if that 
is the case then I know that either myself, Kensuke Matsuzaki (the 
developer of MultiWindow mode), or others may be interested in working 
on these features for a fee.  Let us know if you are interested, 
otherwise we will assume that you are not interested.


> Thanks in advance
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