REPOST: -multiwindow so very close to what's really needed....

Early Ehlinger
Sat Apr 26 19:51:00 GMT 2003

Sorry for the repost - It's been a few days and I haven't seen my original
post show up on the newsserver, so....


Just installed latest cygwin+Xfree86.  With the -multiwindow option in place
it's *extremely* close to what I really want, which is an X server that
really feels like it's a part of Windows.  Right now it still betrays the
fact that it sits on top of cygwin, which is a shame, IMHO.

Here are the two things that I think keep it from being exactly dead-on:

1. Root Window is still there.

Ideally, when -multiwindow is used, no root window would be visible at all.
No icon in the taskbar, nothing.  I suppose a tray icon would be acceptible,
but would certainly not be preferable.  My reasoning for this is that
Windows already has a root window (the desktop) and to be fully integrated,
X programs should behave like Windows programs and use it.  Or at least,
they should *appear* to use it.  Bottom line, get rid of/hide the root
window in -multiwindow mode and you've made a *huge* step forward.

Another consequence of this issue is that Cygwin/XFree86 shows up in the
alt+tab list even though you don't do anything with it directly.

2. Applications have the wrong icons

Sure, now I've got my apps all running on the honest-to-goodness Windows
desktop, but they all have the X icon rather than the icons that they would
have on an actual X desktop (e.g., the one in Linux).  This is more of a
cosmetic issue than a functional one, so I'd say that it should get less
priority than the first issue above.

If somebody wants to point me to the general location in XWin's source, I
wouldn't mind taking a crack at implementing a fix for both of these issues.

Thanks in advance

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