alternative to xwinclip

Fri Apr 25 19:32:00 GMT 2003


Thanks for your reply. I wasn't aware that there were any modifications of 
xwinclip. I will have a search for those, though Igor's suggestion about 
doing 'cat > /dev/null' to paste the shellscripts into an xterm works well. 
The issues I have been told are :

1. You can't copy directly from the X-application to Windows.
2. You can't copy at all from windows to the X-application (even using an 
3. Sometimes the text selected doesn't all get copied to the clipboard.

By the way, I know xwinclip is opensource, I meant is there another 
opensource clipboard? I looked on sourceforge and freshmeat and found 
something called netclip, but development on that has now stopped, and I 
couldn't get it to work anyway.

As for the rewrite of xwinclip, I take it noone here is working on that at 
the moment? What sort of things would one need to know before embarking on 
that (a knowledge of C goes without saying) ?


>I have talked many times about how xwinclip's functionality needs to be 
>rewritten in order to work somewhat properly.  Check the mailing list 
>archives for details.
>xwinclip is opensource.  Not quite sure what you meant there.
>Although, others have in the past released their own modifications to 
>xwinclip, some of which have not been incorporated into xwinclip.  You can 
>search the mailing list archives for some of those versions and see if you 
>find one that works better for you.
>J S wrote:
>>I was wondering if there is an opensource alternative to xwinclip?
>>We have one X application where for some reason, I can't copy text 
>>from(using -clipboard) directly to windows. Instead, I have to copy and 
>>paste to an xterm first, and then copy the same text again from that 
>>xterm, before being able to paste it into windows. Unfortunately this 
>>method doesn't always work because, if you try to copy a shellscript and 
>>paste that into an xterm, it then tries to run that script! The users here 
>>also report that sometimes the paste doesn't paste all the text that was 
>>I would really like to find a solution to this, as its blocking the use of 
>>XFree at my work. So any help would be greatly appreciated.
>>Many thanks,
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