can not start 'startx' from the prompt and missing files

Andrew Markebo
Tue Apr 22 19:53:00 GMT 2003


Hmm where does it say to copy .xinitrc to your home subdir? Nothing I
have seen.. 

To get it running, I don't need to do anything.. ;-) Maybe a small
modification of the cygwin-stuff on your site?

Shortly, seems like you are using someone else's instructions.


/ "kiwhan chung" <> wrote:
| Andy,
| Thank you for replying.
| The .xinitrc file in my home directory is copied from another
| directory (I don't remember) that was created by the automatic
| installation.  The installation guide stated that the file should be
| copied to the home directory and edited as necessary.  My question is
| that... the variables defined in the file directs to a file which
| doesn't exist.  The entire subdirectory /usr/X11R6/X11/xinit doesn't
| exist.  I was wondering if that is caused by a faulty installation.
| Kiwhan
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