Problems configuring cygwin-xfree for XDM and non-US kbd`

Alexander Gottwald
Tue Apr 22 13:52:00 GMT 2003

On Tue, 22 Apr 2003, Ruth Ivimey-Cook wrote:

> I've tried creating my own XF86Config file, and also downloading the one 
> from, and when used both result in the XDMCP stuff failing: 
> I get an X display that I can create local xterm's on, but XDMCP doesn't 
> work. Enabling Debug in GDM reveals that XDMCP request is happening, that 
> gdm then says "I'm willing", but nothing more happens. The request--willing 
> response is repeated a few times.

This is very strange. The config file does only change the preset for rgb file,
fontpath and keyboard layout.

Can you try changing the keyboardlayout after login via setxkbmap gb. If this
does not work then I expect a problem with your installation. 

> I tried doing "X -dpi 100 -query sharra -keyboard gb :0", but this resulted 
> in the server even failing to draw the default grey background, although 
> the window border is displayed.

the -keyboard switch names the configuration to use if multiple keyboard sections
are found in the config file. Default is the first on, but you can also name 
the section and select them by name.

> I saw the post about keyboard.exe: it's output is:
> Robinton:~ 264> ./keyboard.exe
> KeyboardType: 4: IBM enhanced (101- or 102-key) keyboard
> KeyboardLayout: 00000809

Don't know if I've already added it to the list of known layouts. But I'll add it
if not.
> The keyboard is physically a standard laptop variety, with no physical 
> numeric pad or "Internet" type keys but it does have the Windows and Menu 
> keys and a "Fn" key for Sony extensions.

The windows function I used does can only distinguish between PC-XT (83 key),
Olivetti (102 key), PC-AT (84 key), IBM enhanced (101/102-key), Nokia 1050,
Nokia 9140 and japanese keyboard. So every keyboard that is IBM + Windows keys
+ special useless internet keys is reported as IBM. Since Notebook keyboards
emulate IBM keyboards this mapping should not introduce any problems.

> P.S. It would be nice if someone in the know could improve the XWin.exe man 
> page, as it is rather terse at present. In particular, reference to the 
> ways that you can use the XF86Config file would be good.

Hm, you're right. But you know, documentation is always done when nothing else
can be found and the programmer is bored *g*

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