Problems configuring cygwin-xfree for XDM and non-US kbd`

Ruth Ivimey-Cook
Tue Apr 22 13:31:00 GMT 2003

Hi folks,

I have a Sony Vaio GRX laptop and have installed Cygwin using the setup.exe 
program; almost all is well, except that one of the main reasons I 
installed it was to use the laptop as an x-terminal for my Linux 2.4.20 
desktop. Although I have perused the help and mailing lists I haven't been 
able to set it up properly.

Out of the box, the server runs up ok and, given a command such as: "X -dpi 
100 -query sharra :0" it will create a display and connect to the Linux 
box's gdm server. However, the keyboard layout is "us" and, as my laptop is 
a uk model, that is a bit irritating.

I've tried creating my own XF86Config file, and also downloading the one 
from, and when used both result in the XDMCP stuff failing: 
I get an X display that I can create local xterm's on, but XDMCP doesn't 
work. Enabling Debug in GDM reveals that XDMCP request is happening, that 
gdm then says "I'm willing", but nothing more happens. The request--willing 
response is repeated a few times.

I tried doing "X -dpi 100 -query sharra -keyboard gb :0", but this resulted 
in the server even failing to draw the default grey background, although 
the window border is displayed.

I saw the post about keyboard.exe: it's output is:

Robinton:~ 264> ./keyboard.exe
KeyboardType: 4: IBM enhanced (101- or 102-key) keyboard
KeyboardLayout: 00000809

The keyboard is physically a standard laptop variety, with no physical 
numeric pad or "Internet" type keys but it does have the Windows and Menu 
keys and a "Fn" key for Sony extensions.

Can anyone help please?



P.S. It would be nice if someone in the know could improve the XWin.exe man 
page, as it is rather terse at present. In particular, reference to the 
ways that you can use the XF86Config file would be good.

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