New KDE-cygwin 3.1.1 Beta 1 release

Ralf Habacker
Tue Apr 22 06:17:00 GMT 2003

Hi all,

we are proud to present the first KDE 3.1.1 release of the KDE desktop
environment for cygwin/xfree. See for
further informations.

Read what a user reports about this new release:

"Kudos for the new KDE 3.1.1 beta. My first install on Windows 2000 with
this went perfectly and it runs *very stable*. Very impressive. Ironic
that I ran KDE 3.1.1 before I had it running on a linux box.:)"

Because KDE is based on cygwin and the xfree server, this is also a success for
the whole cygwin and cygwin-xfree team.

Thank you for all your efforts.


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