rootless & multiwindow mode & Windows 2000sp1

Barrow Kevin
Tue Apr 22 03:27:00 GMT 2003

I've been searching the Mailing list for Xfree and
I've not found any reference to my problem, it still
seems like a newbie question however,

I'm running Windows 2000 SP1 I have only found
sniplets of information on the operation of rootless &
multi window operation,

I'm running Xwin.exe directly from the start menu for
debuging purposes, I intend to put it in run

I run with the command line:
C:\cygwin\usr\X11R6\bin\XWin.exe -rootless
-multiwindow -nowinkill -unixkill -clipboard
-emualte3buttons 50

When I do this X apps are not managed by windows,
however, I took the rootless out, and it works fine,
however there is a dummy rootwindow. when the root
window is then opened the X apps are unmanaged.. is
this a bug or a feature?

Kevin AKA CowBoyEnvy

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