How can I disable/alter Alt-Tab win32 switching behavour?

"??????? ?????? (Alex Kuklin)"
Mon Apr 14 09:40:00 GMT 2003

Alexander Gottwald writes:

>>Have a need to run X-terminals with minimalistic windows programs 
>>running, just XWin in fullscreen. How can I make window manager recieve 
>>Alt-Tab/Alt-Shift-Tab pressings?
> Windows will always handle taskswitch with alt-tab. You can not disable it.
> How the window manager handles keys depends on the window manager. Check
> the documentation and the config files for the window manager.

Are you sure?
As for WinNT SP3a and later the solution in described here:
Don't know if it works in Win98SE, etc.

As for Win98SE, there are some apps blocking Alt-Tab, but window manager 
does not recieve it anyway.

I know i can bind another key to window switching, but i need Alt-Tab to 
avoid users' questions.....

WBR, Alex.

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