How can I disable/alter Alt-Tab win32 switching behavour?

Franz Wolfhagen
Mon Apr 14 07:40:00 GMT 2003

>> Hello
>> Have a need to run X-terminals with minimalistic windows programs
>> running, just XWin in fullscreen. How can I make window manager recieve
>> Alt-Tab/Alt-Shift-Tab pressings?
>Windows will always handle taskswitch with alt-tab. You can not disable
>How the window manager handles keys depends on the window manager. Check
>the documentation and the config files for the window manager.
>    ago

Some windows applications that needs this kind functionality eg. VMWARE are
able to catch the taskswitch when in focus (ie. before they are sent to

>From the very little knowledge of windows programing knowledge  posses, I
guess the have a hook into the the main message queue and retrieves the
Alt-Tab etc. keystroke messages and sends them to their own application
queue effectively filtering them from windows.

It is probably possible to do the same for XFREE86 - so anybody with the
skills ar free to use this idea (I would do if I had the time to aquire the
necessary skills, but I am afraid this will not happen...:-(.

Med venlig hilsen / Regards
Franz Wolfhagen

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