Sat Apr 12 14:38:00 GMT 2003

Hello again,

May be this info can help: I have installed  cygwin-xfree on a compact armada notebook, and the keyboard works nice, 
even when there is not XFree86 config file. I have tried that on the desktop pc, and i still do have an us keyboard.
In case this info do not help, please could you give me a couple of advises (or www address) to compile the spanish keyboard 
on the desktop pc?


>> I obtain more or less the same, a lot of warnigns , the last one:
>> Warning:          No symbols defined for <I7F> (keycode 255)
>This means the xkb layout definitons are in place and xkbcomp works. 
>I don't know why you've still an us keyboard layout :(


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