XWin -clipboard and xwinclip bad highlighting behavior

Cary Jamison Cary.Jamison@powerquest.com
Thu Apr 10 19:22:00 GMT 2003

"Harold L Hunt II" <huntharo@msu.edu> wrote in message
> I have now realized that the real way to integrate the X and Windows
> clipboards is with hooks in the general X server code that call
> in the Windows-specific code and so forth.  It is highly unlikely that

> the clipboard integration will require an X client application, and
> removes many of the short comings of the current clipboard
>   For example, the nightmares people have using xwinclip or -clipboard

> with XDMCP will go away with server-side code handling the
> I am not sure if the integration would be provided by an X Server
> extension or if we would have to have some #ifdef __CYGWIN__ sections
> the general X server code.  In any case, I haven't got time to work on

> it and I am unlikely to for months, or even forever.  Hopefully
> else will find clipboard integration interesting to them.

Do you think Xdarwin has done anything along these lines that would be
of benefit?  I got this idea from the message that was posted here a
couple days ago :

They have probably fought some of the same issues and are trying to
genericize their code now.


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