XWin -clipboard and xwinclip bad highlighting behavior

Harold L Hunt II huntharo@msu.edu
Wed Apr 9 20:54:00 GMT 2003


Cary Jamison wrote:
> "Biju G C" <bijumaillist@yahoo.com> wrote in message
> news:<20030409033044.71472.qmail@web14603.mail.yahoo.com>...
>>  > between them.  Because of this I only start xwinclip when I need
> it.  I
>>  > have a shortcut on my desktop so I can quickly start it when I 
>>want and
>>This is a good idea, So why not we have a GUI option for "xwinclip"
>>So who ever wants it can "Enable" and "Disable"  Clipboard sharing
>>on the fly. 
>>A "copy one time at click" option will also be good.
> That would be a better work-around.  Personally, though, I would rather
> spend my time trying to fix it right than working on a work-around.
> Unless fixing it right turns out to be way too tough - which may be the
> case and may be why Harold hasn't done it already.

Yeah, kinda sounds pointless in the grand scheme of things

> Also, Harold has recently done the work to integrate xwinclip into the
> server, so doing more work on it may be viewed as a step backward.

I have now realized that the real way to integrate the X and Windows 
clipboards is with hooks in the general X server code that call routines 
in the Windows-specific code and so forth.  It is highly unlikely that 
the clipboard integration will require an X client application, and this 
removes many of the short comings of the current clipboard application. 
  For example, the nightmares people have using xwinclip or -clipboard 
with XDMCP will go away with server-side code handling the integration.

I am not sure if the integration would be provided by an X Server 
extension or if we would have to have some #ifdef __CYGWIN__ sections in 
the general X server code.  In any case, I haven't got time to work on 
it and I am unlikely to for months, or even forever.  Hopefully someone 
else will find clipboard integration interesting to them.


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