Mozilla crashes using a x terminal on solaris

Reimann, Peter
Wed Apr 9 11:44:00 GMT 2003


I use cygwin  on Windows 2000. If I make a x-terminal for a solaris host and
starts mozilla there the browser crashes by clicking on any input field

  [1] 2913
	                  (mozilla comes up, I click to the adress input
field, mozilla crashes ...)

  X Error of failed request:  BadAtom (invalid Atom parameter)
  Major opcode of failed request:  17 (X_GetAtomName)
  Atom id in failed request:  0xc2000000
  Serial number of failed request:  3338
  Current serial number in output stream:  3338

  [1]    Exit 1               /import/mozilla-1.1/mozilla 

I call the x terminal in a batch using the XWinTest79.exe with:

  start /B XWin.exe nologo -engine 4 -once -query hal9000 -fp
tcp/HAL9000:7100 -ac -clipboard

If I do not use -clipboard mozilla works fine. The remote host is a solaris

OS version:         5.8
Processor type:     sparc
Hardware:           SUNW,Ultra-4

What is my fault?

Thanks for your help.


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