XWin -clipboard and xwinclip bad highlighting behavior

gilles civario civario@mimosa.ceng.cea.fr
Wed Apr 9 05:55:00 GMT 2003

Cary Jamison wrote:
 > I find that the times I actually need to cut/paste between Windows and X
 > to be very few.  I'm mostly doing it within windows or within X but not
 > between them.  Because of this I only start xwinclip when I need it.  I
 > have a shortcut on my desktop so I can quickly start it when I want and
 > then close it when I'm done.  That way I don't get bothered by the weird
 > selection problems in X.

My usage of the clipboard it exactly the same as yours. That's why I
think that the standalone xwinclip package should evolve as the
integrated one does. I however recognise that I don't feel I can do
it myself... Nevertheless, here is tow cool stuff that xwinclip could
   - To be launched with the command line argument in XWin, but to be
     activated only when needed, may be with a particular keyboard
     shortcut, or a special right-click on the windows tool bar XWin
   - When the clipboard is activated, to be able to force the copy/past
     to/from the clipboard with keyboards shortcuts (particularly useful
     for copying X-selection to windows clipboard when the selection is
     made in a terminal. I'm usually have to open a text editor to past
     the selection on it, and to reselect it, to force it to be store on
     the windows clipboard)
Does anybody think it could be possible?


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