XWin -clipboard and xwinclip bad highlighting behavior

Cary Jamison Cary.Jamison@powerquest.com
Tue Apr 8 19:24:00 GMT 2003

"Andrew Braverman" <abraverman@itms.com> wrote in message
> The one other thing that I notice that I think is related to this is 
> that in some applications (the one I see it in is ddd when compiled 
> with lesstif), the selection does not even hold long enough to select 
> it.  If I click and drag (while still holding down the mouse button) 
> the selection disappears. If I try to paste, my buffer has been 
> deleted.  I also have a related problem when I want to get a menu 
> relating to an area that is larger than the default area.  Normally, I

> would select the larger area and click (or right click) on it to get 
> the appropriate menu.  I can never do that.  Does anyone have any 
> ideas?

I find that the times I actually need to cut/paste between Windows and X
to be very few.  I'm mostly doing it within windows or within X but not
between them.  Because of this I only start xwinclip when I need it.  I
have a shortcut on my desktop so I can quickly start it when I want and
then close it when I'm done.  That way I don't get bothered by the weird
selection problems in X.

It's a bit of a pain, but if it bothered me too much, I suppose I would
dig in and fix X to do it right.  I'm sure Harold keeps hoping someone
will dig in and do it so this issue will go away!


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