Basic doubts...

Alexander Gottwald
Mon Apr 7 10:49:00 GMT 2003

On Sun, 6 Apr 2003, renan.canoas wrote:

> I am using Cygwin to run XFree86.
> I have some basic doubts:
> 1 - Can I run GTK, in order to use gimp?


> 2 - How do I install programs? Just download they to any
> directory and run "tar xf blablabla.tar"?

Those packages that are in the core distribution are installed via 
cygwin setup. Some additional package can be installed via the 
setup too (afair kde-cygwin uses this). Some binary packages are 
unpacked via tar xvzf package.tar.gz and some even have to be 

> 3 - Can I run XFree automatically at Windows bootup?

To start it after login you'll have to create a shortcut and place
this in the autostart folder. To start it after boot (on NT, 2k and 
XP) you might want to take a look at cygrunsrv.


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