Duplicate Keystrokes - Again, Again!

Duncan Cragg cygx@cilux.org
Sun Apr 6 22:29:00 GMT 2003

Since there's been no response to this, I thought I'd add a little more 
detail in the hope of
triggerring a reaction!!! 

See after this copy-paste of my original email:

> Hello - I've just arrived at this list, so hope I don't break protocol 
> in any way!!
> I have a problem which can be summarised as 'it's the same as the 
> following past postings':
> http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&q=+site:www.cygwin.com+xfree86+duplicate+keystrokes
> The discussions there mentioned the infrequency of the problem of 
> duplicate keystrokes for the respondents - a couple of times a day.
> I, however, am getting this problem all the time: as in, every five 
> commands or so, or every five edit keystrokes....!!!!
> Am I alone?
> Am I doing something odd?
> This happens on both my work and home installations (work is 1G, home 
> is 500M laptop; home has VNC running which I can see would make this 
> worse, but work is not overloaded). Both installations are 
> out-of-the-box, running twm. I can supply more details (.Xmodmap, 
> .twmrc, .Xdefaults, etc.) if someone thinks it's relevant.
> Any help appreciated!
> Duncan Cragg
So my work machine is NT and this problem only manifests when doing an 
ssh to one of my home machines and running up an editor.  It's bad 
enough that it's intolerable for editing - repeated keystrokes occurring 
every 10 or so.

At home it's much worse - this machine is running Windows 2000. Like I 
said, it's a 500Mhz and running VNC - but I've tried turning off some of 
the VNC checkboxes, without any improvement. VNC is only using a tiny 
bit of CPUanyway. I can't see a 'disable VNC' checkbox or option 
anywhere to completely switch it off though.  I get repeated chars even 
on a bash prompt on the local machine - and it's about every five or so 
keystrokes, biased towards carriage returns and big events like shifting 
down half a page. It occurs equally on ssh's to other machines on local 
xterms as to xterms launched from those machines.

The thing these setups have in common is the .xinitrc, .twmrc, 
.Xdefaults and .Xmodmap files.  Can anyone suggest one of these to start 
adjusting? I can supply relevant sections - if anyone has a clue what's 

Thanks in advance for any help with this one!!

OK - I'll look at building from source and fiddling with code, if 
that'll prove I'm serious!! I'm going to have to get Exceed (shput!) if 
I can't resolve this...  If no-one responds to this email, I'll keep the 
list informed of how I'm getting on.  It'll be a riveting saga, I'm 
sure...   =0)  

Oh - if we can fix that problem where alt-Tabbing into or out of Xfree 
splatters tabs over the in-focus window, it'll be a bonus. This has been 
suggested as related in the above threads...

Duncan Cragg

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