Remote Graphical Acesss to SuSE from XP Continued

Andrew Markebo
Sun Apr 6 05:35:00 GMT 2003

| When I executed, a new XFree86 window came up with the X
| cursor and a terminal window.  From there I logged onto my linux
| machine (ssh -x
| and echoed the display variable (echo $display).  A blank

ssh -X, capital X to be used.. include a -v switch also to see
verbosely what is happening.

Uhh checking your startxwin.bat.. you do: (hmm is it bat, not

#! /bin/sh
export DISPLAY=

Have you edited it?? I mean that is the linux machine?
And DISPLAY shouldn't be set to that machine, it should point to the
local machine.. Start clean, with an unedited startxwn, to get


p.s. for starters to quickly get around 

 The eye of the linker rests on the libs!

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