Transparent terminal window?

Jean-Claude Gervais
Sat Apr 5 12:01:00 GMT 2003

Thanks Biju, Simon.

	Simon, you're right; ATerm builds easily on Cygwin, but it does have the
display problem you mentioned.
	And on my system, with a very recent fresh install of Cygwin, it maxes out
the CPU the second you start it.

	I haven't even tried to get it to display the transparent background
though, have you?

	I will send a note to ATerm's author to tell him about the CPU bug.


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Aterm doens't work properly on Cygwin/XFree86. It has a problem refreshing
the screen. Whatever you type in will not be echoed until you move/resize
the window.

I got ETerm compile on Cygwin with transparent background. I couldn't get
the background image to work (because I couldn't get imlib2 compiled with
dll support, I think), but I really don't need it. I had to jump through a
lot of hoops though, and didn't get the process documented.

For what I can remember, I need to compile


And apply the kde patch to cygwin for shared mem support, which can be found
at kde/cygwin's website.

Then I can get Eterm built.


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Subject: Re: Transparent terminal window?

> I have not seen any binary avialable on cygwin
> try to compile
> for more screenshots
> cheers
> biju
> CyGNOME = Cygwin + GNOME
> --- Jean-Claude Gervais <> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm running WindowMaker, and I was wondering; does anyone know how to
> > transparent terminal windows?
> >
> > Can you do it with stock Cygwin-XFree or do you have to download and
> > compile a specific terminal emulator?
> >
> > Thanks in advance.
> >
> >
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