Attn. Karl: multiwindow and rootless

Harold L Hunt II
Fri Apr 4 03:47:00 GMT 2003


You hit the nail on the head (your description is correct).

Thanks for helping out,


Anton Vaaranmaa wrote:
> Karl,
> I accidentally deleted your messages so I write to the list instead. You 
> mentioned that you have trouble with rootless and multiwindow. IIRC the trick 
> is that you can't use both at the same time. Multiwindow is sort of rootless 
> so you probably want to use that instead of rootless.
> Then you mentioned that you have no window decorations and can't move windows. 
> That indicates that there is no window manager running. You should 
> intitialize a window manager in any situation except for when using the 
> "-multiwindow" option (multiwindow has it's own built-in window manager).
> I hope this information is correct, but I could be wrong too. I have not 
> played with Cygwin/Xfree for a while...

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