XWin -clipboard and xwinclip bad highlighting behavior

Harold L Hunt II huntharo@msu.edu
Thu Apr 3 21:16:00 GMT 2003


This issue has been beat to death in the mailing list archives since 
xwinclip was first released.  It is not possible to fix xwinclip without 
a server extension or without modifying the server code directly to 
support an integrated clipboard system.  Search the archives if you are 


Andrew Braverman wrote:
> The one other thing that I notice that I think is related to this is that in
> some applications (the one I see it in is ddd when compiled with lesstif),
> the selection does not even hold long enough to select it.  If I click and
> drag (while still holding down the mouse button) the selection disappears.
> If I try to paste, my buffer has been deleted.  I also have a related
> problem when I want to get a menu relating to an area that is larger than
> the default area.  Normally, I would select the larger area and click (or
> right click) on it to get the appropriate menu.  I can never do that.  Does
> anyone have any ideas?
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>>Yes, we know.
>>This is not an easy problem, search the mailing list archives
>>for more
>>No one is working on this problem at the moment and we
>>appreciate your
>>offer to help.  You might be interested in the XFIXES
>>extension, which
>>almost made it into the XFree86 4.3.0 release but was pulled.  It
>>included a mechanism to notify clients when the clipboard contents
>>changed.  We can either use this extension to get notification, or we
>>can insert our own hooks into the portion of the X Server
>>that handles
>>the clipboard.  Either way, I am beginning to think that providing
>>clipboard integration via an X Client is not the correct way
>>to address
>>this problem.
>>Ask any questions on the list, I will be glad to assist where I can.

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