making X server a COM object..

Chan Kar Heng
Thu Apr 3 19:26:00 GMT 2003

>What is am saying is that COM, by itself, is something you have to sit down with for a few months before you even realize if what you are suggesting is possible.  No amount of pointers from other people are going to help.
>Similarly, X is something that you have to sit down with for a few months before you can determine if such things are possible.

actually, i have in fact spent a couple of months on COM by itself...
on reading and on programming... i have to admit that i've only done
some of the simpler parts of COM (the simpler parts aren't really simple
either), but enough to write some stuff or go further on.
i have an entire 3D application built as an ActiveX control for now...
and it's really bulky.

otherwise, the area really gray to me is XFree86...

my intention is really just to "host" cygwin xfree in the "sandbox" of
an ActiveX control... thus:

- it's just hopefully 1 simple thin ActiveX control wrapping around
cygwin and xfree stuff.
- the ActiveX control doesn't need to deal with unnecessary OLE stuff.
- hopefully won't need to worry about marshalling and threading/apartment

>We can talk about threading, ATL, etc... but it won't matter until you are presenting a coherent framework (which would take about 20 pages to describe).  At that point, feel free to ask, "what did I forget?". Understand though that asking us "will this work" is too open-ended of a question.  We just can't spend time on your question until you demonstrate that you have spent a lot of time with it already.

hmmm.. okay.. fair enough.. :)
i'm just asking opinions and comments.
one gets nothing for nothing...  no obligations.

guess i'll just have to break down the problem and
try things out on my own then.




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