making X server a COM object..

Chan Kar Heng
Thu Apr 3 19:26:00 GMT 2003

>I think you should describe exactly why you want to put XFree86 in a COM object, for what purpose, what you would use it for etc. I presume you mean you want to make it an ActiveX control, is this true?

actually yes, thanks for the more correct term.. an ActiveX control. :)

as described in another mail i posted here:

> i'm hunting for an applet or a COM object that can be
> embedded into a web page that in turn, can be placed
> into a web browser...
> it can be a little bit heavy for now.. but ultimately,
> it has to be light weight, or require minimal installation.

in addtion, this applet or ActiveX control should support GLX
or something similar... (GL across network).

as of now, i have an entire 3D app built as an ActiveX control
(which is rather big and a rather stupid thing.. it's easily larger
than 8mb).
i want to remove the bulk of the 3D engine now and make it
some kind of server process... the client process is an app
on a machine that displays 3D graphics rendered by the 3D
engine... the client and the server runs on different machines.

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