making X server a COM object..

Chan Kar Heng
Thu Apr 3 19:26:00 GMT 2003

>WindowMaker, openbox, fvwm2 works fine in with weirdx and
i c... thanks...
i tried icewm.. some of the things didn't work out.

>only problem I am facing is, Unable to do XForwarding from wierdmind
>and unable to contact author.   <------ wow.. big problem...

>Pl. try to contact them at Jcraft.... 
>they may be happy to help you.
>or u may also be able to contact users
>if u r able to make progress, please inform me about it.

okay, sure...

i note that their last release was 2001... hmmm...
not very active...

anyway, i'm comparing the effort required for adding GLX into
weirdx and trying to make xfree an activex..



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