Duplicate Keystrokes - Again!

Duncan Cragg cygx@cilux.org
Thu Apr 3 16:01:00 GMT 2003

Hello - I've just arrived at this list, so hope I don't break protocol 
in any way!!

I have a problem which can be summarised as 'it's the same as the 
following past postings':


The discussions there mentioned the infrequency of the problem of 
duplicate keystrokes for the respondents - a couple of times a day.

I, however, am getting this problem all the time: as in, every five 
commands or so, or every five edit keystrokes....!!!!

Am I alone?

Am I doing something odd?

This happens on both my work and home installations (work is 1G, home is 
500M laptop; home has VNC running which I can see would make this worse, 
but work is not overloaded). Both installations are out-of-the-box, 
running twm. I can supply more details (.Xmodmap, .twmrc, .Xdefaults, 
etc.) if someone thinks it's relevant.

Any help appreciated!

Duncan Cragg

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