Problem with xdm on cygwin ManageSession dies...

Steve Z
Thu Apr 3 01:31:00 GMT 2003

To Cygwin,

I have been using cygwin for a while and I think this is a great tool.  I
installed KDE on my XP box and it works great and adds a lot.  KDE only
works on the XP and 2K boxes. Not on any of my 98 boxes.

I have been experimenting with xdm however and I am running into some
problems.  XDM needs su to work in order to function.  sincesu was removed
this becomes a problem.  Is there any work around that can be used for the
lack of su?  Is there a version of su that is out that I can download
somewhere?  Is there some patch that can help with this?

Another problem I noticed is that when xdm launches it tries to write the
Magic Cookie in the form of a file name.  This is not allowed in
either XP or 98 therefore this process fails.  Is there any work around for
this part?

Lastly the result of these errors is that when xdm gets to ManageSession :0
it errors out and starts the process over again.  It will just loop through
this process on a 98 box.  Where on the XP boxes it stops.  Interestingly
when I do a X -indirect on another box I can see the XP xdm box.  (I can
never see the 98 boxes)

What I want to do is get X and xdm up on all my systems.  This way I can
control the Windows boxes and linux boxes all from a single terminal the
same no matter what operating system I am on.

I would apprecialte any help or hints to get to this point.  It has been fun
trying to figure it out so far but I think I need some help from the

Thanks very much for your attention.


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