making X server a COM object..

David Fraser
Wed Apr 2 20:46:00 GMT 2003

Chan Kar Heng wrote:

>thank you for the courtesy.. :)
>.. and i would likely (85%) agree with you that i do not have a
>firm grasp on the scope... probably more.. probably less..
>but if i had a firm grasp, i probably wouldn't need to ask around
>the gurus here right? :)
>what i do hope is to be able to get some pointers directly at
>potential problems... and why it might be impossible to solve...
>rather than spending the time to research each one of them
>(cygwin, cygwin xfree, COM, etc) in detail to look for potential
>if the issue might be a lengthy one... i suppose some urls or
>general description of the issue would suffice.
I think you should describe exactly why you want to put XFree86 in a COM 
object, for what purpose, what you would use it for etc. I presume you 
mean you want to make it an ActiveX control, is this true?

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