making X server a COM object..

Chan Kar Heng
Wed Apr 2 20:30:00 GMT 2003


thanks... i've already tried weirdx out (as i've mentioned
when i first posted this question.)
it doesn't completely support X yet...
tried running several window managers on it and some
didn't function properly...
tried some games on it too.. same prob.

but my main issue with weirdx is a lack of support for

i'm hunting for an applet or a COM object that can be
embedded into a web page that in turn, can be placed
into a web browser...
it can be a little bit heavy for now.. but ultimately,
it has to be light weight, or require minimal installation.



>I dont know what is actual requirement. If you looking to get some sort of activex control  which
>can be embedded in a VB Program. Then try WeirdX java version of XWin. And may be u can get
>documentation for calling javabean from VB at sun java site.

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