Xlib: No protocol specified (connection refused by server)

mielikki1 mielikki1@subdimension.com
Thu Jan 31 19:45:00 GMT 2002

I noticed this. I don't know why norton antivirus is doing
this (or even what it is doing). I also don't know if this
is the problem.

I have NAV's e-mail checking turned off. I even disabled
"auto-protect" and it still is doing something with the

C:\WINDOWS>netstat -a
Active Connections
 Proto Local Address Foreign Address State
 TCP   myhost1:6000       LISTENING
 TCP   myhost1:5000       LISTENING
 TCP   myhost1:4341       LISTENING
 TCP   myhost1:4343       LISTENING
 TCP   myhost1:1088       LISTENING
 TCP   myhost1:1090       LISTENING
 TCP   myhost1:4953       LISTENING
 TCP   myhost1:6000  pop3.norton.antivirus:4341 ESTABLISHED
 TCP   maxwell:6000  pop3.norton.antivirus:4343 ESTABLISHED
 TCP   myhost1:4341  pop3.norton.antivirus:6000 ESTABLISHED
 TCP   myhost1:4343  pop3.norton.antivirus:6000 ESTABLISHED
 TCP   myhost1:4345  pop3.norton.antivirus:6000 TIME_WAIT
 TCP   myhost1:4347       LISTENING
 UDP   myhost1:1900  *:*

> I just installed cygwin (version and xfree
> (4.2.0) and have run into a problem. It seems to work okay
> locally (that is I can start the server and launch new
> clients from my xterm window whether DISPLAY is set to
> or my real IP address), but when I try to
> start a client on a remote Red Hat Linux machine (over
> the Internet or through a VPN) I get the following
> error:
>   Xlib: connection to "x.y.z.t:0.0" refused by server
>   Xlib: No protocol specified
>   Error: Can't open display: x.y.z.t:0.0
> I am running Windows ME and Zone Alarm. I get the same
> problem if I turn Zone Alarm down to Low or even shut it
> down. I can ping my Windows machine from the Linux box.
> I couldn't find anything searching the archives here and
> various Web engines.
> Any thoughts? Any tests to try to narrow it down? I guess
> I'll figure out what ports the X server is listening on
> and see if I can connect to them...
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