Q: Cygwin/Xfree is running very slow... any hints ?

Harold Hunt huntharo@msu.edu
Wed Jan 30 00:35:00 GMT 2002


> So you said earlier that you were running ICE Window manager... 
> Did you compile
> (or acquire binaries) for the most recent version of ICE?  Have 
> you tried twm
> instead?  I am pretty sure that is packaged with the Cygwin/XFree 
> binaries.  I
> know twm is much smaller and less complex than ICE.  If it is 
> not, do a quick
> search through /usr/X11R6/bin for *wm*, and try to run one of the window
> managers you already have.  Possibly ICE is the problem?

Now that is an excellent idea :)


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