FW: XDMCP starting problems on Win2k & RH 7.2

Harold Hunt huntharo@msu.edu
Mon Jan 28 13:00:00 GMT 2002

Darryl forgot to cc the mailing list.  No biggie.


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Harold and the group,

> If at all possible, as a diagnostic test you should connect only the two
> computers in question together on a separate test network, making sure to
> set each machine up with a static IP address.  Then try to login via XDMCP
> on the test network.  If XDMCP works fine on the test network,
> then you have
> some sort of misconfiguration on your primary network (which is what I
> suspect).

My net configuration is fairly simple.  It is a local 10Base-T with
4 systems on it(Win2k, linux and 2 Win98).  The Win2k is the
firewall to Starband sat connection.  The thur-put is around 75% 800Kbyte
per seconds in both directions.  Other network applications works flawlessly
include XWin32 if I start it without XDMCP.   Spray from Linux has
zero packet drop as well.

> You still haven't told us the speed of the network between the machines.
> Cable modems do not work as fast as 10Base-T, so XDMCP doesn't
> usually work
> very well over a cable modem.

Sorry about that it is 10Mbit.  I been around this type of network for
years and most of the time I can smell a network problem.  I think the
simple answer is that I don't understand xdmcp very well and I have
something configured wrong.  I have been able to get a XDMCP login
for a while.  I just bounced the Linux server in hopes that will help.
It seems to have help.  I will keep you posted.

Also I am using static IPs for the local area.

thanks for all your help.
Darryl Wagoner - WA1GON

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