Remote tasks sleeping after 'su'

Robert Haines
Mon Jan 28 05:44:00 GMT 2002

> > > I've been using Cygwin for a while now but am new to cygwin-xfree. I
> > > this question hasn't been answered before but I did check the archives
> > > didn't find anything pertinent.
> > >
> > > I use this system to log into other systems (via ssh -X) and have the
> > > windows displayed on my cygwin-xfree desktop. If I run something as
> > > then everything is fine. If I log in, then 'su' to root, then run
> > > something
> > > the window never appears. If I look at 'top' then the task I just
> > > started is
> > > flagged as sleeping. This problem does not occur when using the
> > > putty/exceed

Thanks for your responses guys. I have now had chance to do a little
research using a Linux box in place of my Cygwin/XFree box and the end
result is the same. Once I have su'd I can't expect X forwarding to work.
Now I think about it, this is hardly strange. The only difference in the
whole process was that I did actually get an error when using two Linux
boxes and the task was terminated, unlike on the Cygwin/XFree setup where no
error was received and the task simply went to sleep.

Now I know that this is normal behaviour, I'll not try it again :-)

Thanks again,
Robert Haines.

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