X programs with tcl/tk compile, but crash

Julio Chiu jgchiu@yahoo.com
Sun Jan 27 11:42:00 GMT 2002


I wrote a simple tcl/tk that has frame which calls to
my c progra which in turns calls some X functions.

I can compile the program fine, but when I run it,
it core dumps with STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION.  I traced
through the program and it core dumps when it calls
X functions like DefaultScreen() and XGetGeometry.
( however, it works fine under Linux or SunOS ).  

I have the XFree 4.2.0 and tk/tcl 8.0.  Simple
tk/tcl-C program works fine.  Only when I call X stuff
will it coredump.  I search the mailing list for
similar problems, and even made sure that it was not
the /usr/include/X11.

Any insight? 
thanks in advance

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