xterm problems

Tzafrir Cohen tzafrir@technion.ac.il
Sat Jan 26 13:21:00 GMT 2002

On Sat, 26 Jan 2002, Wilfred Villegas wrote:

> I just recently installed the newest xfree86 (4.2.0).I have cygwin
> installed on a Windows 98 machine.I have two problems:

> 2) Even though startx doesn't work, startxwin.sh works, and that's what I
> use now.But when I'm in xterm, and open one of the man pages, I get this
> message:
> WARNING: terminal is not fully functional
> - (press RETURN)

This is related to the terminal definitions.

Immediate workaround:



(or 'set term=vt100' on tcsh)

Gives you almost all of what you need, and is defined just about anywhere.

What is your current value of TERM? ('echo $TERM')

The terminfo definition file of xterm is /usr/share/termonfo/x/xterm

Tzafrir Cohen

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