(patch seq: 5151) config file support for cygwin port

Harold Hunt huntharo@msu.edu
Tue Jan 22 18:30:00 GMT 2002

> of course, I announced a binary with this patch about one month ago and
> got no negative response. (Actually I got no response, but the binary was
> downloaded about 30 times in that month)
> bye
>   ago

The code looks fine to me, but, I don't want the patch committed until some
effort is made to follow the formatting of the other files in hw/xwin.
Also, I've got a few problems with the Imakefile changes, as well as with
the InitOutput.c changes.

# Coding style complaints - winkeybd.c, winconfig.c, winmsg.c

Specifically, I'd like each '{' and '}' to be on their own lines, e.g.:

} else {

should be



I could count hundreds of instances of the above example in winconfig.c;
however, there are whole blocks of your code that do put each '{}' on their
own lines, so I'd just like to see the nonconforming lines fixed.

Function types are not always on the line above the function name, and the
space between the function name and the opening '(' is missing.  (see

Furthermore, I'd like you to run each file through Emacs, selecting all
text, then run "C->Indent Line or Region"; this will get the parameter lists
lined up correctly, etc.

# Imakefile complaints

I don't think that your changes to programs/Xserver/Imakefile are correct.
Platform-specific changes to the SUBDIRS list should be avoided at all
costs.  Try to find some other way to add XWINPARSEDIR to the list of
directories to be compiled.

# InitOutput.c

You've got #define macro definitions on line 247 or so, when they should be
up at the top of the file.

Overall, good work on a tough feature.  Just clean up the files so that I
don't have to use my time doing it myself.



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