ssh X11 Forwarding from menu in window manager

R Dicaire
Sun Jan 20 09:16:00 GMT 2002

Hi, I'm trying to get ssh X11 forwarding working via a menu item in
a window manager (fvwm2) under X11 Cygwin. For the record, it works fine
under X11 Linux/blackbox.
In Cygwin, I startx, fvwm2 starts, my menu items for ssh -X are there,
but when I execute them, they just don't work. I watch the cygwin term I
started X from for errors, there are none, the Taskbar button for the
cygwin terminal however indicates "xauth", and the remote app does not
start up in my X11 session.
All my ssh keys are correctly configured, ssh -X works when executed
from an xterm inside X11 Cygwin, just not from the window manager menu.

I use ssh -X as a replacement for rsh to start remote X11 apps.

Am I missing something?

Please reply direct as I'm not on the list, thanks.

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