Starting CDE from Solaris

Alexander Gottwald
Tue Jan 15 16:11:00 GMT 2002

On Mon, 14 Jan 2002, Tunde Itayemi wrote:

> Is it possible to have Solaris display on a Windows Machime without some 
> sort of X-server software running on the Windows system? Or what is the 
> purpose of the command:

Ok, just to explain what the XWindow system is: 

X (in short for XWindow System) ist a network protcol which allows you
the describe the things you want to draw on the screen of you monitor. This
is not very impressing, but there is still more!

X allows you to send this description via TCP/IP, Decnet and maybe some
other strange protocol to a remote host. This means there is only a network
cable (or some air for wireless networks) between the two computers. 

Combining the two amazing features, you have a system where you can send 
information what should be drawn (eg. a small red triangle and the letters
"ago is cool :)") to a remote computer and this computer does the drawing, 
but the program which issued the command to draw this runs on the local 

> xwin -noreset -screen 0 1152 864 -query <solaris-ip> -from <my-ip>

XWin is nothing else than a program which does this drawing to screen for you.
Actually it runs on the remote computer (from the point of view of you're
solrais programs). This program is called the "X-Server". The programs
on the Solaris machine are called "X-Clients". The terms are choosen that
way because the "X-Server" does the drawing for the "X-Clients" and 
therefore offers a service to them. 
To return to your question: It is of course possible to display the solaris
output on the pc without an Xserver, but the XServer is the easiest and most
common way.


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