xwinclip not waiting for x server startup (was xwinclip authorisation)

Harold Hunt huntharo@msu.edu
Tue Jan 15 11:48:00 GMT 2002

> Hi Shane,
> Cygwin/Xfree and XDMCP work correctly.  I only get a problem when running
> local X client at the same time as a remote X client (via XDMCP).  It
> out a /etc/X0.hosts file containing a 'localhost' entry is needed.  Also
> xwinclip does not wait for the X server to complete startup, while some
> other clients (such as xterm) do.
> Any ideas why xwinclip does wait for X server startup?
> cheers Matthew

I wrote xwinclip.  The reason that it behaves differently than 'xterm' is
that xterm uses the XToolkit library, which xwinclip cannot use.  xwinclip
cannot use XT because we need to have a specialized event loop that
processes both X events and Win32 messages.  xwinclip needs the extra
options provided by using the X11 api directly, rather than through a

Now, you ask "why xwinclip [doesn't] wait for X server startup?"  I can
answer that question simply: because not enough is known about how we need
to "wait".  In other words, the issue is not well enough defined for it to
be solved.

I just added a loop that retries opening the X display several times.  That
change didn't really do anything.

Part of the problem is that the X Server (in a part of the code that we did
not write) accepts the xwinclip connection before  xdmcp connects to the
remote host.  xdmcp causes the server to reset when it gets a connection to
the remote host, so xwinclip is shutdown after xdmcp connects.

Now, two ideas come to mind to solve that problem, neither of which will
1) Don't exit when we receive a message that the server is going to reset.
Instead, try to reconnect for about ten seconds.

   The problem here is that the error is generated by a libX11 function,
which calls _XDefaultIOError to report the error.  The problem with
_XDefaultIOError is that it then calls exit(1), so xwinclip never has a
chance to handle the error on its own.

2) Delay connecting to the X server by a number of seconds, regardless of
whether xdmcp is being used or not (as we have no way of knowing).  Perhaps
even allow a parameter to specify how many seconds to delay.

   This solution only duplicates the functionality of the 'sleep x' command,
where x is the timeout in seconds.  There is no point in duplicating

The only way that I know of to get xwinclip to work with XDMCP is to change
your batch file (startxwin.bat) to something like the following:

start /B XWin -noreset -ac -query huntharo-4.user.msu.edu
sleep 8
start /B xwinclip

That's it for now,


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