xwinclip authorisation problem with remote hosts using XDMCP

Matthew Donald matthew.donald@motile.net
Tue Jan 15 03:49:00 GMT 2002

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Subject: Re: xwinclip authorisation problem with remote hosts using XDMCP

> This is wrong. is the ip adress for localhost. On every
> points to itself. Say you have a windows host with ip
> and a unix host with ip, they can only communicate with
> ip adresses. Connecting from the windows host will connect to
> windows host and connecting from the unix host will connect to
> unix host.
> The correct way is to run xhost windows.host.ip and xwinclip -display
> windows.host.ip:0

I use instead of localhost or windows.host.ip because I can't
guarentee that
these names will be defined.  While I agree that is inelegant, it
has the advantage
that it will always work even if the PC is configured with a broken host
file and DNS is
not configured.

Running 'xhost +' (or 'xhost +localhost') results in an X access
error, as I
explained previously

> >
> > to broken
> Why are you connecting to display 3? this should be

Sorry, the ':3' was a typo.

regards Matthew.

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