xwinclip authorisation problem with remote hosts using XDMCP

Brian Genisio briangenisio@yahoo.com
Mon Jan 14 11:25:00 GMT 2002

What is your DISPLAY variable set to?  I am a bit confused, since one output
talks about a server going to . If your X server is on :0,
xwinclip will never be able to connect, regardless of the authorities.

Will other local X programs run?  xterm, xeyes, xwininfo, etc?


--- Matthew Donald <matthew.donald@motile.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> There is a problem when using xwinclip with an X server which connects to a
> remote host using XDMCP.
> Basically the sequence is this:
> 1.  Execute "XWin :0 -query some.host.system".  Initially, the authorisation
> file contains no records, so the localhost
> has access to the X server by default.  I quote from the Xserver man page:
>     If this file contains  any  authorization  records,  the
>     local  host  is  not  automatically  allowed access to the server, and
> only clients
>     which send one of the authorization records contained in the file in the
> connection
>     setup  information  will be allowed access.
> 2.  XDMCP is used to query some.host.system, which then opens a connection
> to the local PC.  The first
> thing done is that XDMCP adds an auth record for some.host.system  This
> means that localhost loses access
> to the X server.
> 3.  After XWin starts, xwinclip executes on the local host.  It fails with
> the error message: "Could not open display"
> Ok, so I added an xhost command, to explicitly allow access:
>     xhost +
> I failed with the error messages:
>     Xlib: connection to "" refused by server
>     Xlib: Client is not authorized to connect to Server
> I read some more about host access, and I created a /etc/X0.hosts file, and
> I deleted the .Xauthority file.
> This caused a different error.  XWin failed with the message: "X connection
> to broken
> (explicit kill or server shutdown)."
> I tried running XWin with the '-ac' command line parameter.  This is meant
> to open access to all hosts.
> Xwinclip still couldn't open the display.
> If XWin is used with a local window manager, this xwinclip (and any other
> client program which runs on the PC)
> will run sucessfully.  However, if XDMCP is used to connect to another
> system, then it fails.
> I'm completely stuck.  Any help would be very appreciated.
> regards Matthew

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