Brian Genisio
Fri Jan 11 09:53:00 GMT 2002

Yeah... I didnt know for sure which ones did, and which ones didnt cause round
trip... I was simply giving examples.... Regardless, there are PLENTY of
round-trip messages in Netscape.  (xmond will show them.)

Pixmaps cause high net traffic, but arent effected as much by latency as they
are bandwidth.  A DSL Cable modem usually doesnt have a problem with the pixmap
transfer...  Unless there is a lot of pixmap transfer, such as annimation. 
Still, it is a straight push, and latency matters much less in these cases.

I have written applications that were able to load large pixmaps quickly across
DSL or Cablemodem, but have also written programs with too many XSync calls
(roundtrip wrapper that uses GetInputFocus), causing them to be unusable over
Cable or DSL... It all depends if the designer cared about round-trip or not.

Almost all Motif widgets use XSync calls, as well as calls that are not
streamlined for latency.  I would make a gross assumption that Netscape uses
Motif, or other widget sets that are probably not extremely efficient.

A possible help to the problem might be ssh X compression.  It does a bit for
pixmap transfer.  LBX also can help a little on latency... There is a plain old
X compressor out there as well... but I cant remember the name.


--- Alexander Gottwald <> wrote:
> On Fri, 11 Jan 2002, Brian Genisio wrote:
> > OpenDisplay
> > CreateWindow
> CreateWindow does not need Serverresponse. But the pixmap's needed for 
> Netscape cause the high traffic 
> > GetGC
> > GetFont
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