Raber Chris
Fri Jan 11 09:00:00 GMT 2002

> Yes, but did you try it anyways?  Most Linux
> set XDMCP up as
> default when it sets up X.  I would simply try it,
before you 
> worry about
> setting it up on the Linux system.

I did try it. I got "too many retransmissions" errors.

> Another thought about the Netscape problem you are
> How much time are
> you giving it to come up?  How far away is the
> machine?  (What is the
> ping rate?)  If you have a ping rate of 70ms or so,
> will be dog slow,
> and could take as long as 10 minutes to come up....
> programs dont work too
> well over networks with latency (ie cable modem).

This is probably the issue. My ping latency is between
100 and 350 ms! I am over DSL and through a VPN to the
server I am connecting too.

Sounds like my expectations were not in line with
reality on this. Now where is that lynx browser... ;-)

> The other thought, if you think your window manager
is the 
> problem... kill off
> twm, and run a window manager from the remote
machine, and 
> try it again.
> Brian

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