problem with using xsetroot without window manager

Ralf Habacker
Fri Jan 11 06:56:00 GMT 2002

> On Fri, 11 Jan 2002, Ralf Habacker wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm using the latest Xserver Test Release and have recognized a problem,
> > when starting some apps without any window manager.
> >
> > For starting kde/kde2 I'm using setxroot to choose another background at
> > the start of the launching process, which needs some time. At this time no
> > window manager is running. With this configuration the color isn't set,
> > but the xserver seems to be restarted. (The window seems to be closed for
> > a little while and comes back) After startung twm, kwm or kwin color
> > setting works. The same effect occurs, when I'm starting for example
> > xdpyinfo without any window manager. When the end of the listing is
> > reached the server "restarts".
> This is the normal behavior. After the last client disconnected, the
> Xserver resets. Normally xinit is the first process that connects to the
> Xserver, exec the .xinitrc scripts and exits after the last program from
> xinitrc (normally the windowmanger) has ended.
> You can switch the Xserver to not resetting by adding the switch -noreset
> to the XWin commandline. This is not recommend if you use the Xserver for
> terminals, since all settings that are made in a session are not reset until
> the next session starts.
Thats sounds good.
> It is a design feature of XFree86 (and most other X-Servers) to perform a
> reset when the number of client connections goes to zero.  In your case (and
> as discussed before) the xsetroot program is the only client connected, so
> after it set's the root background, it disconnects and XWin resets.  AFIK
> this behavior is not optional.  You need to re-order the sequence of client
> starts, so that there is a "persistent" client (like an xterm or the window
> manager, or...)
> bye

The reason is, I don't like the default background while kde2 starts and this need a while.

Thanks for this hints.

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