6.1. A required DLL file: cygncurses5.dll cannot be found

Ken Foskey ken.foskey@salmat.com.au
Thu Jan 10 16:52:00 GMT 2002

The FAQ present information on how to avoid this problem but not on how to
correct the problem once you are there.

To solve the problem (using the latest setup...)  go into setup, once you are at
the screen 'select packages to download', select base, find libnurses5, click in
the new column, going through a cycle, it should show either retrieve or the
version number 5.2.1.   Clicking next will download the package and all will be

Now if I can change my xterm background from white so that I can read the text I
will be a happy man....   RTFM.

copyright released,  use as you will....

Ken Foskey
Research & development
ken.foskey@salmat.com.au   -  0413 059 066


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