aterm under Cygwin/Xfree

Mon Jan 7 17:25:00 GMT 2002


On Mon, 7 Jan 2002, Suhaib Siddiqi wrote:

> Ok, but how about building a debug version of aterm and debuging it using
> GDB?  Many times when porting a code from one platform to another, you need
> to fix it for that particular OS.

I got a few suggestions to try that, so I did (;

Unfortunately, I'm either not very good with gdb or something weird is
happening... I built with -ggdb in CFLAGS to get native gdb info.

What happens is, it does a lot of initializing stuff and then enters the
main_loop function. Then gdb pauses itself in a constant hourglass thing.
It doesn't move into the file main_loop is in (command.c) and thus becomes
useless ):

I got it to set a breakpoint inside main_loop (way to be intuitive, gdb!
(: ), and discovered it sits around in a loop looking to "ch =
*cmdbuf_ptr++;", which I guess is where it waits for me to type stuff...
which seems like a good idea.

My C/C++ is not too strong, and isn't good enough for me to know what the
heck the problem is here. I see it is waiting for a buffer to fill, then
going through it... I guess I'll try and figure out what the buffer is and
why it needs to fill up!

Any help from someone who KNOWS C would be appreciated (;



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